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10 Tricep Exercises To Build Mass

The triceps are a very prominent muscle that a person sees in any bodybuilder. Those bulging arms are eye-popping and always warrant a second more serious look. Building your triceps takes a lot of work and stamina. You need to have a regular routine to get the triceps you’ve always dreamed of.

There are triceps exercises that you can include in your exercise program to help you build muscle. Check out the ones we’ve chosen for you:

1. Overhead Dumbbell Extension

This triceps exercise requires you to raise your dumbbells over your head. There is a certain amount of risk in injuring your muscles because they are stretched out to the maximum, so you need to be a little cautious in doing this triceps exercise.

You should also make sure your form does not induce you to lift the weights too much to your back, causing undue strain on your muscles.

This triceps exercise may be done sitting down or standing up. It was really be a matter of personal choice.

Use your underhand grip when raising the dumbbell until it is in the back of your neck with your elbows bent. Then stretch out your arm, squeezing your triceps before lowering the dumbbell.

Repeat this several times, and then alternate with the other hand.

2. Dumbbell Kickback

This triceps exercise is really good for building muscle in your triceps because it actually isolates the exercise and focuses mainly on the muscles in the triceps.

You can feel the pressure on your triceps which will make you appreciate the exercise more.

This triceps exercise is basically swinging the dumbbell back while squeezing the triceps and rotating the palm. It’s a simple exercise that needs repetition for the results to start showing. Make sure you do equal numbers of repeats for both arms.

3-5 Cable Pushdown, One Arm Cable Pushdown and Overhead Cable Extension

You will need to use the cable machine for these triceps exercises. If this is your first time to use the machine, ask a professional trainer to assist you. You should never try using them on your own when you are a beginner.

6. Lying French Press

Sometimes, people call this the skull crusher triceps exercise. It works on all the muscles located in your triceps which is what makes it a great workout. If you are careful in lifting the weights, you have no need to worry your skull will be crushed. Just make sure you do not rush through this exercise at all.

7. Close Grip Bench Press

If you know how to do the bench press, you will find doing this exercise easy. The main difference is that you concentrate on your triceps instead of your chest. You also need to keep your hands closer together.

8-9. Triceps Dip and Backwards Lift

This triceps exercise does not even need any heavy weight equipment which is great because you can do just about anywhere you want. For the triceps dip, all you have to do is face away from a strong table while holding on to its edge, and lower yourself. Repeat it several times making sure you are about 30 inches away from the table.

The Backward lift is also a stretching exercise, raising your arms behind you as far as you possibly can without pain. You should hold simple weights in your hands to really give your arms a good workout. If you plan to do this in your home, any weight like a book will do.

10. Tricep Stretch

Whenever you work out, you have to make sure you have a warm down. Doing the triceps stretch will accomplish this for you. All you need to do is stretch your arm across your chest to the other side, hold, then release. Repeat with the other arm.

Make sure you do not push your body too much because you could end up injuring yourself. However, a little push is necessary to see noticeable gains.  You know your limits!

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    These exercises seems to be really useful and maybe they will give us the power we need

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    This was a pertinent post. these exercises are definitely the shirt blasting workout. thanks for sharing! i learn something new to add on my program.


  3. Travis 30 July 2010 at 10:54 pm Permalink

    Try focusing on heavy lifts that are “push” exercises. Heavy military press, clean and press and close grip bench presses are all good examples.