Ab Circle Mini Review

The Ab Circle Mini has taken the fitness world by storm; selling for a lot less than the Pro version while purporting to provide the same level of benefit. It also sells itself based on its inherent portability – due to its smaller size and decreased weight – and its ability to be conveniently tucked out of the way when not in use. I did some research – tested it for myself – and put together what I hope will be a helpful Ab Circle Mini review to aid in making the right purchase (or not) decision.

Having already tried the Pro, I was curious to see if the Mini would be just as good a workout – which is what it promises. From a technical standpoint – based on the affected muscle groups and how much work they do – the Mini lived up to that particular expectation and gave me just as good a workout as my friend’s Pro. The only difference was that my work-out seemed to move a bit faster due to the Mini’s increased – for want of a better word – manageability; due to its reduced size. Another thing I noticed was that, post-workout, it was a lot less tiring to put away than the bulkier Pro.

In fact, my second-most-favorite thing about the Mini (I’ll get to my favorite next) was its lightness. It’s super-easy to bring it to a friend’s house, if I’m spending the weekend, or bring with me on a trip out of town to go camping or what-not. Being the kind of person that I am – prone to make excuses and eager for a reason to not workout – it’s great that the Ab Circle Mini minimizes my options for being lazy by being so light and portable.

My favorite thing about it – even if it makes me a cheapskate – is the price. It costs far less than the Ab Circle Pro (which is already cheap) and, in my opinion, gives an equivalent work-out in a somewhat shorter time. Between that and its abounding convenience, I’m definitely sold on it!