Ab Circle Pro Cost Price – How Much is the Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro has attracted a lot of attention as the latest big thing in the world of fitness. Based on all the results shown in the commercials – as well as some I’ve seen personally – the Ab Circle Pro really does deserve a lot of the attention it gets. It has, after all, made it possible to get an excellent cardio workout and a killer abdominals workout – all in one go and in much less time than it would take using conventional machines. A common question, however – despite the manufacturer’s extensive advertising campaign – is how much it costs.

It’s not surprising. People seem to get so caught up in the dramatic effects it produces that they either fail to notice the price – or simply forget before they can think about it. It costs $200 – with the possibility of a risk-free trial for $15 – as is (in my opinion) worth every penny. $200 might seem like a lot of money but it pales in comparison to what people typically spend on months of unproductive gym memberships. Most of the people you see in a gym that look fit were either that way when they got there (like me as an athlete), or paid vast amounts of money for a personal trainer –something most people can’t afford.  Compared to the thousands that all of these costs can add up to, $200 for a device that can help you lose weight and get a stronger core – and a six-pack with enough persistence and dedication – seems like a bargain. It gets even better when you consider that you can try it for 30 days for just $15 – much less than the cost of a month’s membership at any decent gym – and simply return it if it doesn’t cut it for you. If that doesn’t show a manufacturer’s confidence in a product, I don’t know what does. I personally recommend investing in an Ab Circle Pro to anyone serious about getting fit and willing to commit to getting the dramatic results they want.