Ab Circle Pro Results

Ab Circle Pro Results

The Ab Circle Pro – as advertised – delivers amazing results in a fraction of the time (and cost) of competing exercise programs. These competing programs would, naturally, include the results of training at a typical gym; which makes it an excellent benchmark for comparison between the Ab Circle Pro results and traditional exercise regimens.

Typical gym work-outs involve spending a half an hour or more on the treadmill as a “warm-up” – followed by a series of exercises on the wide assortment of machines you’ll find in your average gym – and then another round on the treadmill and you’re done. I don’t need to tell anyone that gym programs deliver very slow results – if any – unless you’re extraordinarily dedicated or can afford a personal trainer. The rest of us have to wonder if the Ab Circle Pro –with its $200 price tag (far less than any gym even without a personal trainer)- can produce better results. Fortunately, I have a couple of examples that testify to the effectiveness of the Ab Circle Pro.

I have a friend that went to the gym with her father every morning for almost a year. Her father was in the military so he’s in pretty good shape but she was fifteen pounds overweight and had quite a bit of excess weight around her mid-section (my nice way of saying she was somewhat fat). It’s not like she looked horribly obese but being a typical young girl she wanted to look her best and be able to fit into the skinny jeans she loves to wear.

Unfortunately, her months at the gym – even with a personal trainer – had only managed to reduce her weight by eight pounds. It also had a nasty habit of coming back; to the point where I teased her saying it was just “water weight” and she needed to work harder.

I, on the other hand, already used the Ab Circle Pro – not because I had any weight to lose – but because I’m a fitness buff and love staying in peak shape. I convinced her to give it a try – even loaned it to her for a few weeks so she wouldn’t have an excuse not to use it every day – and waited.

She didn’t go to the gym in that time. She used it as an excuse to stay in bed in the mornings while her father went to work out and did all her exercise on the machine. This also meant that she never had access to a scale and, consequently, couldn’t check her weight until a month later when her dad finally decided to drag her along to see if she was making progress.

She’d lost sixteen pounds! In one month, she’d lost twice the weight she was accustomed to losing, and regaining, over the many months she’d been going to the gym. She also hasn’t (up to the point of me writing this) regained any weight and has, in fact, lost another three pounds – and still going strong. From her example, I’m pretty convinced that the Ab Circle Pro’s results out-match gym results – with the added convenience of working out at home and the drastically cheaper cost.