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AST Multi Pro Review

Vitamins and minerals are very important nutrients necessary for an athlete to perform their best.  Being deficient in a one of these essential nutrients can decrease the body’s efficiency and performance.  AST Multi Pro is a high performance multi-mineral, multi-vitamin supplement designed to suit the needs of bodybuilders and athletes.  It has ample antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so that demanding muscles can perform optimally under stress.  They are coated with a special coating that allows the vitamin to avoid breakdown by stomach acids before reaching the small intestine where vital nutrient absorption takes place.  AST Multi Pro promises to pick up where traditional one-a-day vitamins lack by providing micronutrients geared towards high performance individuals.  Are the claims made by AS Multi Pro True? Can athletes tell a difference after using this product?

AST Multi ProAST Multi Pro
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Let’s hear what others have had to say:


Users have reported having a positive and noticeable impact on energy and health levels.  One person reported this product helping eradicate common throat infections and sicknesses by building his immune system.  Compared to other vitamin supplements designed for athletes, the price is significantly lower.   Bodybuilders have documented feeling better rested, less sore and more energy throughout the day.  A few people said they take this vitamin after workouts and before sleep and have noticed significant increase in muscle recovery time.  Another good thing about AST Multi Pro is that no side effects have been reported (like different colored urine, pains, or fatigue).


While AST Multi Pro is comparable to other products in its league, some have suggested that Animal Pack and Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men are better products. There have been complaints that the pill breaks easily and can turn to powder.  This could be so that it is readily absorbable by the body.  Another downside is that the pill is sometimes hard to swallow and has a tendency to stick at the top of a person’s mouth.   Some have reported no noticeable difference using this product.  One very bad review came from a person who doubted the product’s effectiveness and decided to bite into the pill.  He claimed this pill tasted like a candy, or sugar pill, and that the product did not live up to its claims.

The Verdict – Is AST Multi Pro Worth It?

The typical trend of reviews seems to be that the product does work.  The content of the vitamin looks good, with ample iron and B-Vitamins.  Compared to other products, the price is very favorable.  One can only wonder if AST Multi Pro sacrificed quality for price.  It is hard to judge if a multi-vitamin is effective because testing the product is difficult for the average person to do.  However, if a product contains lots of B-Vitamins, then a person’s urine does tend to turn neon-yellow which none reported happening while on this product.  Compared to an over-the-counter product, AST Multi Pro would probably be a better alternative.  For a person who doesn’t take vitamins regularly, they will probably notice an improvement on this product.  However, is this product the solution for high intensity athletes?  Users seem to think so.

What do you think of AST Multi Pro?  Leave us your review below.

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