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BSN True-Mass Review

BSN True-Mass is a weight gainer designed to help users get the proper intake of macronutrients necessary to support lean muscle growth.  With each serving containing 630 calories and 46g of protein, True-Mass helps those who struggle to gain weight.  Consumers who have a heightened metabolic rate may find this weight gainer appealing as it can provide the fuel necessary to overcome weight plateaus.  This product contains slow digesting protein to provide a steady influx of protein for up to 8 hours after consumption.   This product is also loaded with Essential Fatty Acids for heart, cognitive and hormonal support.   BSN True Mass also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids that help put the user in a state of positive nitrogen balance.  It also contains more fiber than other weight gainers as well as added glutamine for recovery.  Does BSN True Mass really help a person gain lean mass?  What do users say after trying this product out?  Is True Mass worth the investment?

BSN True MassBSN True Mass
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– Add Lean Muscle
– Sustained Release
– Source of Fiber and BCAAs
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This product gets a love of hype because of how well it tastes.  Many users say that, mixed with milk, it takes like a milkshake.  This gainer has been added to many post workout shakes to give a good 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein.  This gainer also provides less “junk” calories than other gainers.  Furthermore, users report gaining quality weight while using the product.  Most report gaining 4-6lb in a matter of 2-3 weeks.  True-Mass seems to mix better than other weight gainers as many report not having the clumps that other gainers as notorious for.  Another popular response to this product is that it still tastes great in water.  This is convenient for those who like to take their shakes with them to the gym.


Many say that this product is a little more pricey than competitors.  Judging by the amount of servings per container, one can see that the price is very competitive.  Some users have reported seeing no gains with this product.  However, this could be a result of replacing meals with this supplement rather than adding the supplement to an existing diet program.  Users report being bloated on the product as well as experiencing gas and/or diarrhea. Users who do not have a shaker bottle report clumps in their shake.

Is BSN True-Mass Worth it?

Compared to other weight gainers, True-Mass seems to be a good choice.  Nutritionally, BSN True-Mass contains a high concentration of calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Furthermore, it contains the right mix of carbs that are low in the glycemic index along with essential fats.  I would suggest that anyone considering this weight gainer, or any for that matter, make sure that their existing diet program is adjusted for weight gain.  This means that the user should be taking in more calories than they are burning.  Also try not to use this supplement to replace meals.  I would suggest taking this product after workout and at breakfast for optimum effectiveness.  I would also take the product in milk to add additional protein and calories.  This product does not seem overhyped or a scam for that matter since many have had positive experiences while using it.  A person can expect to gain weight on this gainer provided that their existing training, diet, and rest are in accordance to their goals.

Have you tried BSN True Mass?  Then tell us your experience below.

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