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23 March 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Train to Build Muscle

Too often we are given the wrong information regarding the most effective way to build muscle. There is a lot of bull that makes building muscle seem like an impossible task to ever achieve. However, I am all about being efficient, simple, and realistic. I believe that many people make building muscle far more complicated […]

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12 March 2008 ~ Comments Off on Bodybuilders and Power Lifters

Bodybuilders and Power Lifters

Today while I was working out, I made a new friend. I’ll just call him Joe. Joe was curious about my reasoning for working out, after all, I’m not a student athlete. I told him that I was training currently for a bodybuilding competition and afterward I would try to further pursue fitness modeling or […]

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09 March 2008 ~ Comments Off on The Basics of Building Muscle

The Basics of Building Muscle

For the first post of my blog, I deemed it of urgent importance to explain the basics of building muscle before getting into more specific topics. This is the check list that you need to go by before asking yourself why you are not gaining muscle.

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