Does the Ab Circle Pro really work?

Does the Ab Circle Pro really work?

The Ab Circle Pro is probably the single most advertised piece of fitness equipment in the world right now. Its cost it decent at $200 and it claims to deliver amazing results – all backed up by celebrities and client testimonials – faster than anything else. Naturally, this kind of image for any product arouses curiosity among consumers. Does the Ab Circle Pro really work? Does it really make you lose weight at an astonishing rate – comparable with the effects of prescription diet pills and surgery? So it would seem, based on my research.

Personally, I’m in pretty good shape, so my experience with the Ab Circle Pro isn’t relatable to the vast majority of those considering buying it. I can, however, attest that it really does give an excellent workout and that – as a fitness buff – I can definitely feel where it’s worked out my abdominals while getting my heart rate racing – excellent cardio. This means that the average-to-fit person will gain plenty from this device, but what of those who need to lose weight?

My somewhat older friend has been married to her husband for 20 + years. Their marriage has yet to have a kink and is built pretty strong on years of commitment and their two children. That being said, the physical part of their marriage (which is just as important despite what anyone else will tell you) was dwindling. She was twenty-five pounds over her target weight and getting heavier by the week – despite wasting her money on a gym (same one I go to) where she spent more time talking to friends than actually working out. In desperation, and on my encouragement, she decided to give the Ab Circle Pro a try.

Each day for a week, I personally made it my job to wake her up in the mornings and have her work out on the machine with me – ensuring that, despite her habit for procrastination, she would give it a fair shake. The first two days were brutal and she complained as if I were a military drill sergeant; except that if I were, she wouldn’t have dared complain.

Fast forward to a week later – my alarm clock hadn’t gone off and it was six o’ clock. Hearing a knock at the door, I had gone to answer it only to find her on my doorstep (usually it’s the other way around) with a sickeningly gleeful expression on her face. Before I could ask what, she hugged me and told me she’d lost eight pounds – four times what she’d lost in 3 months of wasting time at the gym – in just over a week. Even though I was already sold on the Ab Circle Pro as a workout device, I hadn’t really seen it help anyone who was actually trying to lose weight and it absolutely blew me away when she told me.

Since then, she’s lost another ten pounds (and still going strong) and seems to be approaching her target weight. All I can conclude is that – from what I’ve seen – the Ab Circle Pro really does work if you give it the right amount of commitment and have a friend to make sure you don’t slack off! It can work magic if you let it!