04 August 2010 ~ Comments Off on Music Infused iPod Beanie by iThreeSixty

Music Infused iPod Beanie by iThreeSixty

Imagine a world where you can listen to your Ipod without worrying about wires getting in the way.  Picture being able to go mountain biking without worrying about having pockets to keep your Ipod in.  Now imagine combining these two realities together.  What do you get?  The music infused iPod Beanies by iThreeSixty designed for those of us who enjoy an active lifestyle.

What happens when you workout with wires?

These IPod beanies are designed to wear your iPod nano or shuffle on your head in style.  They come with an internal wiring system along with detachable speakers.  The sound quality is pretty good considering they do not operate on an external battery source.  The speakers are inside of the beanie and sit right at your ears for easy listening.  This eliminates the need to have wires running from your pockets to your head.  Also there are no ear pieces to put on.  Everything is kept inside of the beanie!

I had the pleasure of receiving one of these iPod beanies a couple of weeks ago.  At first glance, this beanie looks pretty stylish.  iThreeSixty did a great job combining modern style with a revolutionary product.  Also they are very comfortable to put on.  Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these iPod beanies also allow for adequate air to enter so you can cool off while exercising.

So just how functional are these beanies?  Amazingly so.  Since I love exercising outside, I have found many uses for it.  When I go biking it works amazingly.  I can adjust the volume so I can hear music and my environment so I’m not compromising my safety.  I can also wear my Underarmour shorts without being concerned since they don’t have pockets.  I could even wear my spandex outfit without worrying much either :).  It’s also useful when running because sometimes earbuds tend to fall out and wires jump around everywhere.

The next cool benefit is how easy it is to change music while wearing it.  Just reach up and press next.  It is much more efficient than reaching into your pocket while running to change your songs.  It does take a few tries to get the feeling of where buttons are.  What about the wires and speakers, don’t they get in the way?  Nope, you hardly realize that they are in the beanie.  When you first put it on you may need to move the speakers around to the correct location above your ears, but after that they are unobtrusive.  You don’t have to worry about having lumps coming out of your head.

Of course this product isn’t perfect.  The main concern is that iThreeSixty’s products only work for iPod Nano and Shuffle.  This really narrows the target audience.  Also as more people are moving on to iPhone’s, they may want to consider integrating other apple products. However, I’m not sure if the larger iPods would work as well.   The next concern is that it is a pain to remove the wires and speakers when you want to wash the beanie.  Even more of a pain to put everything back in.  They make it easier with slits placed in the locations where speakers and wires go, but it still takes a while to figure out how to piece everything together.

Everything considered, I still enjoy my iPod Beanie.  I have had lots of fun exercising with it.  In fact, I don’t think I’m going biking again without mine on. Beanies start at $49.95 and headbands $39.95.  If you enjoy exercising outdoors, then this is definitely a nice iPod accessory to have around.  I’m sure that you could find many uses to wear an iPod with no cords :).

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