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MHP Glutamine-SR Review

MHP Glutamine-SR is a glutamine supplement product designed to increase the amount of Glutamine absorbed.  They have a patented time release formula, known as Micro-Feed Technology,  that provides a steady supply of glutamine distribution to muscle tissue over a period of twelve hours.  The concept behind this product is that a steady supply of Glutamine will keep your body in an anabolic state and will help prevent the occurrence of catabolism.  Glutamine is essential to muscle growth because 60% of muscle tissue is comprised of Glutamine.  Furthermore, 70% of traditional glutamine products are typically absorbed by the stomach, leaving most of the benefits unnoticed.  However, is Glutamine-SR any better than other Glutamine supplements on the market?  Is the time-released patented formula really effective, or is this just another marketing hype?

MHP Glutamine SRMHP Glutamine SR
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Consumers who add this to their post workout shake tend to notice a signficant increase in recovery from exercise.  A common report is an increase in muscle tone. Since the product is flavorless, it can mix well with just about anything.  Most tend to mix in their protein shakes. Some users also notice that their muscles feel stronger, or full, when they flex.  Lots of users who have switched from other glutamine products say that the effects of supplementing with Glutamine seem to be enhanced.  Lots of bodybuilders use this product to help protect their muscles when they are preparing for competitions.  Product also comes with a serving spoon.


One of the most common complaints is in the price of the product.  Compared to competitors, this product is a little more expensive.  However, comparing cost per serving size, it is very competitive.  Some users say that most protein shakes come with enough glutamine and adding an additional supplement will not have any added benefit.  In rare cases, users have experienced sleepiness, however it is hard to tell if this is a direct result of using the product.  Another complaint is stomach cramps.

Is MHP Glutamine-SR Worth it?

It seems that this product is most effective for those who do not get enough protein from other sources.  However, many users who consume an adequate amount of protein on a daily basis notice some results as well.  MHP does a great job correcting some of the problems associated with Glutamine absorption with their polymer complex.  Traditionally, users had to supplement with Glutamine multiple times throughout the day to notice the benefits due to its typical absorption time of an hour.   In my opinion, it is better to have more glutamine than not enough when it comes to building and preserving muscle.  Most people tend to approve of this product and I do as well.  If you are looking for an effective product to assist in your goals, then add MHP Glutamine-SR as a staple to your supplement stack.

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