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Should You Eat Your Bread Crusts?

So my girlfriend, Sarah, and I had indulged in a fabulous brunch. We had nice casual conversation, and then I decided that I noticed that she was not eating the crust of her french toast. Feeling the urge to taunt her and poke fun at her preferences, I decided to inform her that the crust was the most nutritious part, and not eating it isn’t very sapient. However, one thing about Sarah is that she is pretty clever, witty, and loves to play back. She explains that the only reason that the crust is brown is because that is the result of the bread being cooked on the outside. Acceptable answer indeed, but I couldn’t back down. I will not care to restate some of the absurd claims that I made to support my statement, but it did lead me to discover the truth behind this old wives tale. Welcome to Myth Busters – Travis Edition

Bread crusts get disrespectedI will let you in on my primary technique for supporting this claim – sourcing other people. One thing about me is that I rarely get embarrassed and I will talk to just about anyone. With that in mind, I asked quite a few people what the answer to this question was. The majority agreed that it does have more nutrients. Otherwise, why would your mother tell you eat your crusts? It seemed as though the battle was going my way, however that doesn’t conclude the war.

When i arrived back at my room, I did the usual – checked e-mail and facebook obviously. I noticed that I had a new inbox from Sarah. I checked it and I was given a plethora of links that said proved her argument. (I know that it’s quite funny how long we battle our points, especially on something so absurd, but that’s how we are ) Now I will admit if I am wrong, but not after trying my hardest to prove my point, so naturally I did my own research.

So, what did I discover?

Ok, first I was directed to a forum in which this question was asked. The majority of the members seemed to side with my girlfriend. They all agree that the composition of the bread is the same throughout and that the outside is darker due to the fact that it receives the most heat during cooking. This was not looking good.

But then hope came back when a member sourced a scientific study. Apparently, there is a compound in the bread that, when exposed to heat, turns into an antioxidant. The crust carried 8 times more of this antioxidant than the rest of the bread did. Even though I had no knowledge of this prior to stating my conjecture, I was glad to find that information. So I guess it turns out that Momma was right when she made you eat your crusts!

As far as our little debate went, we decided that she won the argument because my supporting premises were illogical (I said I wouldn’t tell, but I ended up saying that the heat sucked the nutrients to the outside…don’t ask). I am willing to give her this one…

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