07 December 2008 ~ 4 Comments

My Eyes are Tired All of the Time

“My eyes are tired all the time.”  Is this a complaint that you have heard uttered at one point?  Or maybe it is something that you frequently complain about, especially if your job involves looking at a computer for many hours.  Perhaps you work at night and the erratic working hours just make you think, […]

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20 July 2008 ~ Comments Off on 10 Reasons Why Fad Diets Never Work

10 Reasons Why Fad Diets Never Work

Our society is always searching for quick fixes to every problem. Why would we rather smoke a cigarette than take the time to research stress relief techniques and find out where the source of stress is coming from so that you can prevent it from coming back in the long run? Most people are lazy […]

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18 July 2008 ~ Comments Off on Knee Exercises

Knee Exercises

Strengthen your Knee with these Exercises

Knee health is critical and will have a profound impact on your daily life. Do you find yourself struggling to run, bend your knees or getting out of your seat without feeling knee pain? This could be due to joint issues, but most likely this is because you haven’t taken proper care of your knee. […]

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19 March 2008 ~ Comments Off on Does Beauty Matter?

Does Beauty Matter?

Ok, I’m going to tell you about the Law of Attraction that exists in our society. However, let me make this clear. I am not talking of the metaphysical Law of Attraction that many believe the universe is propelled by. I’m not speaking of the “positive thinking gets you everywhere” mentality, nor am I condemning […]

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16 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Why are Sodas Bad for you?

Sometimes I find it quite amusing to see how stubborn many people in society are. On the back of cigarettes, it clearly tells you the consequences of smoking. Yet this is still a multi-billion dollar industry. Likewise, the health industry constantly attacks and blames soda for many of society’s problems such as diabetes, obesity, tooth […]

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