About Travis

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Hi, I am Travis!

I am currently 21 years old and I am a student at the University of South Carolina.  I am a Statistics major with an emphasis on Actuarial Science.

Philosophical Statement

I fully believe that I am responsible for everything that has happened and will happen in my life.  I do not believe in luck, faith or random good-fortune.  I see life as a constantly evolving game.  I have special interest in personal development that has given me a new level of awareness in life. I also believe that absurdity is the best form of humor.

Fitness Enthusiast

I have had a strong interest in fitness since I was 15 years old.  My first incentive to workout was to become stronger than my best friend.  After this spark was started and I began noticing radical changes in my body, I decided that this was something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

Throughout high school, I did both soccer and wrestling.  Even though I wasn’t remarkable at either sport, I was always interested in the conditioning and diet associated with each.  Once I arrived in college, I did my first Bodybuilding Show and placed third in heavyweight.

After my first show, I injured my foot.  Recovery took a long time and I lost motivation to exercise as much.  Now I have gotten back into exercise and nutrition with more motivation than ever.

SEO, Search Engine Optimizer

A big passion of mine has been search engine optimization.  I have been involved in making money online since the age of 16.  Aside from health, SEO has been a paramount hobby of mine.

As I sharpen my skills, I plan to open my own Search Engine Optimization company.  Ultimately I would like to learn as much about search engine behavior as I can so that one day I can contribute to their success.  A dream job for me would be to become an employee of Google.

Educational Background

Sophomore year in college, I began as a finance major.  While business has been an interest of mine, It wasn’t until I switched to statistics that I realized where my educational interest would reside.  I have enjoyed learning various topics of Statistics including Data Analysis and Probability Theory.

Other areas of academia that I wish to pursue include Computer Science, Philosophy, and Actuarial Science.  I strongly believe that education and learning are one of the finest gifts of life.


I like to invest money in places that I know will see a positive return on investment.  I regularly monitor the stock and currency markets.  I also invest in new web site projects and business opportunities.


I grew up in NC.  When I was six years old, I was separated from my parents for a bit to return living with my mom at the age of eleven in SC. I graduated high school in 2007 and went immediately to college at the University of South Carolina.  Since college, I have found where my passions lie and actively aim to become a successful person financially, academically, spiritually and personally.

Future Plans

I plan to graduate from USC with Magnum Cum-Laude honors and a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Statistics with minor in Risk Management.  After this I plan to either take additional classes in Computer Science or pursue a master’s degree in Statistics.

In regards to career outlook, I have set myself up for two paths.  One path involves owning a successful SEO company while the other is becoming an Actuary.  I plan to have at least the first two actuarial exams, Exam P and Exam FM, passed by graduation.  As mentioned earlier, my dream job would be to work for Google and contribute to their success in providing value to the end user.


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