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Universal Animal Flex Review

Universal Animal Flex is a ligament and joint product designed to support healthy joints for bodybuilders and athletes.  Each pack comes with different complexes that are designed to help prevent the breakdown of cartilage and help rebuild cartilage and tendons.  Their Joint Construction Complex contains Glucosamine, MSN, and Chondroitin Sulfate A and B.  These components are the most scientifically proven to support healthy joints.  In addition to this construction complex, Animal Flex contains a Joint Lubrication Complex that helps to keep joints moving properly and helps counter joint “stiffness.”  Animal Flex is a complete joint protection formula that requires just one serving a day.  There are many joint protection products on the market today, so how does Universal Animal Flex compare to others?  Do users notice an improvement in their joints after using this product?

Universal Animal FlexUniversal Animal Flex
Joint Support for Athletes
– Supports Healthy Ligaments and Tendons
– Only one dose a day
– Formulated for Hardcore Athletes
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Most users notice the effectiveness of this product in a matter of one to two weeks.  Animal Flex has helped users who suffer from elbow problems, knee pain, tendonitis, and ligament issues.  Many people have used this product because they have some chronic injury that causes inflammation around joints.  Not only have users been able to cut back on pain medications, but they notice a decrease in inflammation and an improvement in overall joint function.  Even those with minor aches and pains have noticed an improvement.  For lifters, they notice an increase in recovery time.  No combination of other joint supplements matches Animal Flex in price and quality.  This product has also done wonders for those with tendon and ligament issues as well as drastically decreasing recovery times for injuries.


There are a lot of pills to take.  Each packet contains 9 pills and if a person has difficulty swallowing pills, this could be a deterrent.  For some, this product is a hit or miss.  Some have doubted the efficacy of this product compared to other joint supplements.  The initial price could also be an issue for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money on preventative supplements.

Is Universal Animal Flex Worth It?

Many people that take joint supplements do not really notice a significant improvement.  However, there have been a ton of reviews reporting recovering from torn ligaments, tendonitis, ankle injuries, knee pain, and many other chronic injuries while using this product.  For a person who suffers from any joint related injuries, I would suggest giving this product a try.  Another product to add to this stack would be UspLabs SuperCissus Rx.  I have also read that consuming Jello (or other foods containing Gelatin) helps to rebuild cartilage.  Rebuilding our tendons, ligaments and cartilage is something that is very difficult to do. However, it does seem that Universal Animal Flex seems to do this and quite well.  Best of all, most of the improvements can be noticed within one to two weeks.  Is Animal Flex another supplement scam?  Definitely not.  Nutritionally, the product is sound, and many users can attest to its effectiveness.

What is your experience with Universal Animal Flex?  Write a review and let us know!

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