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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the expression coined by the cosmetic industry to describe pockets of fat that are pushed against the skin leading to the “cottage cheese” dimpling look. Many people can become a victim of cellulite, but it is most common in women.  Common affected areas are the thighs, buttocks and stomach areas.  Although there is some correlation between people affected with cellulite and their body fat, cellulite can also occur in leaner people.  So what is cellulite and why does it occur?

Skin is composed of three different layers – the epidermis, dermis and fat layer.  The epidermis is the thin, outer layer of skin that protects your body.  The next layer is the dermis which is a thick layer of fibrous and elastic tissue.  This gives your skin flexibility and strength.  The final layer is the fat layer, also known as the subcutaneous layer.  Fat is contained in living cells, called fat cells, that is held together by strands of fibrous tissue, called septae.

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As water is retained, fat cells held within the perimeters of this area expand and stretch the connective tissue. Eventually this connective tissue contracts and hardens (sclerosis) holding the skin at a non-flexible length, while the surrounding tissue expands with weight or water gain.  The result is that the areas of skin are being held down while other sections buldge outwards. The final result – a lumpy “cottage cheese” apperance.

Fat is designed to insulate the body, provide padding and store energy.There are many reasons that your body accumulates fat.  Improper diet and exercise can be the main factor.  However, for women particularly, hormones can trigger fat storage.  Estrogen and folliculine are two hormones found mostly in women and have been associated with the accumulation of cellulite.  This is why during hormonal changes such as pregnancy, puberty and menopause cellulite forms. These hormones directly influence the amount of blood flow going to an area and the amount of fat stored.

As our bodies begin to accumulate more fat, cellulite will become more evident.  This is why the first steps to getting rid of cellulite is to alter your diet and exercise routine.  Another important determining factor of cellulite is a person’s age.  Skin loses thickness and tone between the connective tissue in the superficial fat layer and the dermis.  As a result, flaccid cellulite will form.
There are a wide array of products online that claim to be able to treat cellulite quickly and deliver fast results.  However, the truth is that getting rid of cellulite takes some work on your part in addition to the right treatment.  Always begin by fixing your diet and exercise to get rid of fat.  Then try to move on to proper products.

The best product to treat cellulite are creams that stimulate blood flow to the affected areas.  Dermology created a Cellulite Cream that does just this with all natural ingredients.  Don’t buy a product that has harmful chemicals because they can lead to skin irritations and may make the condition worse.  Dermology’s Cellulite Cream is safe and effective at releasing cellulite.

Other more extreme solutions include cosmetic surgery, liposuction and massage therapy. Massages can be expensive and provides only a temporary solution.  Cosmetic surgery is painful, risky and very expensive.  Liposuction does little to actually solve the problem of cellulite and is a bandage fix rather than a solution.  The best approach is to start with the most important, practical solutions first – diet, exercise and creams.  Only after you have tried these for a while should you resort to more drastic measures.

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